Managed Security

Through an advanced Enterprise Network Operations Center (ENOC), CBTS offers Managed Security Services that monitors, protects, and responds to vulnerabilities in your environment, as well as threats. We also offer customer premises options for many of the following solutions.

managed services

Managed Firewall
Sized according to your bandwidth and security requirements, our Managed Firewall Service protects your network against threats and manages your system all the way down to log analysis and event correlation. We establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) that ensure a timely response to critical events.

Managed IPS
With the CBTS Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), you take the next step toward protecting your environment from internal and external threats. IPS identifies and classifies known and unknown threats targeting your network, including worms, denial-of-service, and application attacks. We provide you with actual threat data through a custom Web portal that offers high-level, detailed reports.

Managed Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Solutions
These CBTS managed security services help you get rid of the constant headache of eliminating spam, as well as updating your own virus definitions. We eradicate spam and viruses before they ever touch your email gateway. Not only does this measure protect your environment, it also reduces your email traffic volume, which saves on bandwidth and preserves your server capacity.

Managed Spyware Protection
CBTS Managed Spyware Protection guards end user desktops and laptops from unwanted pop-ups and malicious activities. More importantly, it ensures that private information is not captured.

Managed Integrated Services Routers
Cisco Managed Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) are all-in-one appliances that encompass firewall, virtual private network, intrusion detection, URL filtering, as well as a routing device. CBTS manages this end-to-end network protection for you. Integrating security directly into the router protects network gateways since routers are the first points of entry into the network.


Case Studies
“Cincinnati Bell (Technology Solutions) was seamless. Everything went just as planned. They worked over the weekend and overtime. Everything was on time and on budget. We were very satisfied with their service."
Keith McCluskey, CEO, McCluskey Chevrolet
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