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Leasing and Financing
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As the most widely used method of external finance, leasing is an integral element in the total lifecycle of an IT solution. It affords businesses the ability to acquire and deploy the equipment and solutions to gain competitive edges in today's changing environment.

CBTS' Leasing and Financing Program enables businesses to acquire the most advanced equipment and technology solutions without a large capital outlay. Typically, CBTS can offer 100% leasing with fixed rate and fixed payment, completely eliminating down payments. The lease terms are usually structured beyond most common loan terms normally available. The service also offers a lower scheduled payment plan and enables upgrades without refinancing.


Leasing with CBTS Financial Services, your business can retain capital and preserve credits, while taking advantage of the latest IT technologies that improve operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantages. Read More


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Keith McCluskey, CEO, McCluskey Chevrolet
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