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Virtual Data Center/IaaS
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To help organizations remain flexible, scalable, and connected with their customers, CBTS, a leading cloud provider, offers a complete portfolio of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. Through our premium Virtual Data Centers (VDCs), we deliver a high-performance cloud computing infrastructure, including server, storage, and network resources, on a utility service basis.

These IaaS solutions give our customers the ability to deliver products and services in a quick and convenient way, wherever and whenever they want, communicating on any device they choose.

CBTS' Virtual Data Center allows businesses to refresh outdated equipment, deploy new applications, facilitate development projects, and implement an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy. Built on a highly scalable and flexible platform, our IaaS solutions help our customers effectively improve infrastructure efficiencies and under-utilized capacities.

The IaaS model is rapidly changing the dynamics of IT deployments and an organization's IT cost structure. The agile and flexible environment allows businesses to implement new applications more quickly, and at a lower cost. By acquiring and implementing new operational processes more quickly, businesses can adapt to changing market conditions and meet their customers' expectations with speed and agility.


virtual data center benefits

CBTS Virtual Data Center solutions are designed to consolidate your IT infrastructure and streamline your business operations for optimal productivity and cost effectiveness.
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cloud features

CBTS' Cloud Services differentiate from other providers because of its Service Level Agreement (SLA), flexible connectivity methods, and the easy-to-use web portal to administer your service account.
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Use Cases

Cloud Applications

The VDC solution is a better option than making capital investments in server technology or expanding your on-premise data center in many cases.
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