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Protecting your company's data is vital to keeping you productive and competitive in the industry. CBTS Data Protection Services takes a holistic approach to addressing the entire spectrum of information backup and recovery concerns. We offer managed software and hardware options that impact operations for businesses of all sizes across a multitude of industries.

Clearly, recovering your data is critical for your organization to remain solvent and healthy. We know that a well-designed and implemented backup strategy is critical to the success of data recovery in the event of unexpected occurrences. Join the many customers that we have assisted over the years to take advantage of our expertise and experience. Contact CBTS to learn how we can provide confidence in your data protection strategy.

44.5% on ROI in 10 Months*

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CBTS Data Protection Services enables your IT organization to beat the ROI curve and contribute directly to the business bottom line.
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*Note: This is an estimated ROI report based on a business with 40 TB of data to replicate and store. Actual savings can vary depending on the specific amount of data and backup requirements.


Challenges vs. Solutions
CBTS Data Protection Services offers a managed utility model that aligns your expected backup demand with expected budget. Details


Technology Options
Our technology options address the most critical backup issues such as speed, cost, and safety with a hardware and software approach. Details


Features and Benefits
With deduplication as the enabler, the solutions offer improved efficiencies, lower costs, scalability, and single-step recovery. Details


Use Cases
The technology addresses most backup challenges including virtualized environment, NAS, remote office, enterprise applications and more. Details

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“Cincinnati Bell (Technology Solutions) was seamless. Everything went just as planned. They worked over the weekend and overtime. Everything was on time and on budget. We were very satisfied with their service."
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